Why Do People Act That Way And What Can I Do About It

A journey into the Five Basic Emotional Systems:

This book is about the human experience. It focuses on one key aspect of how human beings experience life: emotions. It presents a sequence by which people develop their experience of life:

1. The Complex of Perceptions
2. The Complex of Emotional Systems
3. The Complex of Motivations
4. The Complex of Behaviors

While these four complexes initially engage in this sequence, they become interactive, each complex affecting all the other
complexes in dynamic ways.

Best Selling Author

Dr. Myke Merrill

Dr. Myke Merrill has spent over 40 years studying and analyzing how people experience their lives and relationships. He drew on the insights he learned as a counselor, small business owner, executive, pastor, college instructor, husband, father, and friend, world traveler, teacher, organizational director, and a constantly curious thinker to develop the concepts in Why Do People Act That Way? 

He graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College, B.A. magna cum laude, in 1975, Asbury Theological Seminary, M.Div. theta phi academic honors, in 1978, and Northeastern Seminary, D.Min. in 2007. His doctoral dissertation was “The Five Basic Emotions: A New Systems Approach.”

Dr. Myke is married to his wife of over 40 years, Pam, with five children and their spouses, and fourteen grandchildren. 

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